Artist Creates Furniture That Flattens Into 2D Wall Art

Anna Green

Artist Jongha Choi has created furniture that doubles as wall art—or, possibly, wall art that doubles as furniture. His latest project, “De-Dimension,” consists of a series of small but fully functional stools and tables that flatten into two-dimensional art which can be hung up and displayed on a wall. Choi designed his furniture to experiment with, and blur the lines between, images and the reality they represent. But his collapsible furniture looks equally useful for cramped homes with limited storage space.

While there are plenty of folding chairs and collapsible tables out there, Choi’s De-Dimension furniture incorporates an element of optical illusion: Hung on the wall, each piece looks like a two-dimensional illustration of a three-dimensional piece of furniture. In the video above, Choi demonstrates how the two-dimensional art becomes three dimensional, an act which is surprisingly surreal.

“In our current situation, in which modern society experiences the image, in relation to advertising, image circulation and the internet, why do we not question an images’ confinement to a flat surface,” writes Choi on his website. “My question started with this point and I tried several experiments in order to realize this idea from a personal point of view.”

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: jongha, Vimeo