Over 31,000 'Dancing Grannies' Set a World Record in China


On Saturday, May 21, over 31,000 dancers put on a historic performance. The massive choreographed show spanned across China and earned the Guinness World Record for largest mass plaza dance, the Associated Press reports.

Approximately 31,697 participants in Beijing, Shanghai, and four other Chinese cities joined the record-breaking dance party. The event lasted over five minutes, and as you can see from the photo below a little rain wasn't enough to stop some performers from strutting their stuff.

The dancers belong to a notorious group of mostly women retirees nicknamed the "dancing grannies." While hordes of elderly women participating in a group boogie session may sound endearing to some, some people view them as a nuisance in China. Their public (and often noisy) dance routines have been the target of harassment and government regulations. But as their latest performance proves, these grannies aren't slowing down any time soon. You can see a smaller-scale example of their dance moves in the video below.

[h/t AP]

All images courtesy of Twitter.