Shia LaBeouf Is Now Hitchhiking Across the Country

Jake Rossen
Getty / Getty

Since winning over audiences as the star of Disney’s Even Stevens as a teenager, actor Shia LaBeouf has come a long way. At 29, he’s taken to a series of performance art projects, including watching his entire filmography with a public audience. And now LaBeouf is playing the part of a transient—and you can help him, CBS reports.

In a traveling, interactive performance dubbed #TakeMeAnywhere, the actor is hitchhiking across the country and will be tweeting his GPS coordinates so fans can locate him and offer a ride.

LaBeouf, who is traveling with two colleagues, Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, told Vice that he was participating to “make friends.” Last Monday, a group of Colorado fans picked him up and spent an afternoon with him. (LaBeouf has vowed the first person to arrive can spend as much time as they’d like in his company.) For the duration of the 30-day project, the actor says he will do whatever is asked of him, as long as it doesn’t involve eating rat poison.

[h/t CBS]