Celebrate Hodor From Game of Thrones With This Punny Door Stop

HodorDoorStopShop/Etsy / HodorDoorStopShop/Etsy

WARNING: If you still haven't seen "The Door," Game of Thrones's May 22 episode, you'll want to wait to read this until you have.

Still reeling from "The Door," last week’s Game of Thrones episode? After you’ve finished properly mourning Hodor, you can pay homage to the gentle giant’s memory with this depressingly punny door stop, sold on Etsy for $30. (“Hold the door. Hold door. Hodor …") It’s decorated with Hodor’s image on one side, and is hopefully as sturdy and dependable as Winterfell’s loyal servant. That being said, it probably won’t keep the White Walkers at bay. Better stock up on dragonglass instead. 


[h/t CNET]