This Zipper Lets You Know When Your Fly is Down

Jake Rossen
Chaotic R&D
Chaotic R&D / Chaotic R&D

In the future, we could all be sporting pants that send out alerts if we forget to zip up the fly. Chaotic R&D, an innovation firm that brainstorms product and marketing ideas, recently debuted the concept apparel, according to Fast Company.

Dubbed Notifly, the trouser tech features a circuit board and a fabric-based switch in the crotch, a combo that's able to recognize when the user has buttoned up. If the pants button is closed, but the zipper is still down after eight seconds, the device sends a Bluetooth-based text message alerting you to close up shop.

Chaotic calls it “your personal pervert alert” (a term they’ve actually trademarked). There’s been no announcement about a possible partnership with an apparel manufacturer, but one would hope Levis could see the potential.

Learn more about the UI design demonstrated by the smart clothing in the video above.

[h/t Fast Company]