Infographic: America's Top Spelling Mistakes

Anna Green

To celebrate the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google has created a map of America’s top spelling mistakes. While this year’s child champs spelled words like feldenkrais, gesellschaft, and mischsprache without batting an eye, it turns out most Americans are struggling with considerably simpler words.

Google’s data team aggregated search queries that started with “how to spell,” then identified which word was Googled most frequently in every state. While a few states struggle with the same words—desert and cancelled were the most common—others were unique to individual states. For example, Minnesotans apparently have a tough time spelling broccoli, while Ohioans can’t spell banana. Those in Hawaii spend a lot of time Googling how to spell boutineer, while all the way up in Alaska they’re Googling Hawaii. Residents in Massachusetts, meanwhile, are just trying to figure out how to spell their state. Check out the map to find out what word your state struggles to spell.

[h/t Engadget]

Banner Image Credit: Google