Ingenious Tinkerers Create Real-Life Version of Pong

Michele Debczak

Pong has officially come full-circle. Over 40 years after the classic, tennis-inspired game hit arcades, Pong has now been transformed into a physical, tabletop version you can play in real life, Gizmag reports.

The "Pong Project" is the work of a group of tinkerers from Uruguay with no previous experience in electronics, manufacturing, or production design. They educated themselves through every step by referencing Google, YouTube, and various internet forums. After two years of building the table in their spare time, their real-life Pong is finally ready to play.

The mechanics are similar to air hockey, but the iconic block-shaped "ball" and "paddles" are taken straight from the virtual game. Players even use knobs to control their paddles just like in the original arcade version. You can watch the making of the game and the final product in action in the video above.

[h/t Gizmag]

All images courtesy of YouTube.