Disney World Honored a Woman’s Unused Pass … from 1994

Chelsea Herline
Chelsea Herline / Chelsea Herline

This is why you should never throw anything away. LinkedIn insights analyst Chelsea Herline recently took a trip to Orlando’s Walt Disney World using a 22-year-old four-day pass. While it’s a pretty usual occurrence for people to use weekend passes to get into the place “where dreams come true,” it’s not very common that they use passes from 1994. Chelsea’s father was cleaning out her childhood home and came across a four-day Disney World pass from an old family vacation with one valid day left to use.

"It was a four-day pass, and I used to get sick all the time on vacation when I was little,” Herline told Upworthy of the family trip she took when she was four years old. “We went for the first three days and I got sick on the last day."

Herline, now 26 years old, figured there would be no harm in seeing if the last day on the pass was still valid to use when the Disney ticket taker gave her a very welcome surprise.

"I just went up to the window,” Herline explained. ‘I wasn't expecting to spend the day there; I didn't bring anything with me. They were pretty surprised. The girl working there was younger than me and said, 'Wow, I've never seen one this old before!’” she added. “She called her manager over and they were super nice about it."

Herline proceeded to spend the day at the Florida theme park and even got to visit one of her favorite Disney characters from when she was a kid, Chip (of Chip ‘n’ Dale). “Disney is just really nostalgic for everyone," she said.

[h/t Travel+Leisure]