Commitment Rings Keep Your Partner From Watching TV Episodes Without You

Alvin Ward
iStock / iStock

Netflix "cheaters"—or people who sneak in TV episodes when their partner isn't around—are a real problem, at least according to ice cream brand Cornetto. So much so that the company is proposing a pretty extreme solution. Taking inspiration from traditional wedding rings, they created "commitment rings," which keep "unfaithful" partners from watching any episodes of hit shows like Game of Thrones without the other person present, Konbini reports.

First, both partners are outfitted with the rings. Then, in order to stream certain shows (whether it be on Hulu, Netflix, or HBOGO), both commitment rings need to be in the same room. The special rings are meant to curb the temptation to "cheat" when the other person is not present.

This publicity stunt hasn't become a reality just yet, but Cornetto is reportedly in talks with various streaming services to get their rings on the market.

[h/t Konbini]