Surprising Candle 'Hatches' a Dragon When Lit

Rebecca OConnell
Firebox / Firebox

At the start of the Game of Thrones series, dragons are believed to be extinct, which is what makes Daenerys Targaryen's ability to hatch petrified eggs such an awe-inspiring feat. (In addition to making her a formidable opponent.) Like Dany, you too can defy the odds and hatch your own mythic creatures: online store Firebox is now selling candles shaped like golden dragon eggs. When lit, the wax melts down to reveal one of three: a black, green, or red baby dragon. Each figure is made of porcelain, so it will remain unsinged as the candle burns down. Once completely melted, you're left with an awesome new knickknack.

Although the candles are technically Game of Thrones-inspired, you don't have to be a fan of the HBO show to enjoy them—this crew could easily be from any story. If magical beasts aren't for you, Firebox also makes a pretty cool dinosaur version.