Smart Shoes Block You From the Internet So That You Talk to People Around You

Shaunacy Ferro

If you really can’t stay off Facebook, you can now buy shoes that will cut off your access, PSFK reports. The “In Good Company” smart shoe was designed by footwear company Anatomic & Co. and computer scientists from University College London.

A Bluetooth transmitter in the sole of the shoe (which is also blue, of course) links up with an app that allows you to set times to lock and unlock your phone’s access to the internet. You can choose to block certain apps, so that you still have access to Google Maps, your work email, or whatever else you deem necessary while shutting off distracting notifications from the likes of Twitter or Instagram.

While you shouldn’t need special shoes to be able to shut off your phone and enjoy the company of your fellow humans, at least the black wingtips are pretty fashionable. The shoe company plans to launch the style on Kickstarter this summer.

[h/t PSFK]