You Can Now Make Beer in Your SodaStream

Caitlin Schneider

If you’ve been debating a SodaStream purchase (FYI: you have to drink a lot of sparkling beverages to make it financially beneficial), here’s something that might be a deal maker: you can now use it to make beer.

The company just launched a homemade beer system called the Beer Bar, which allows users to make a light beer in a matter of minutes—quite a bit faster than traditional homebrew methods. To do it, SodaStream owners simply add the "Blondie" light beer concentrate to sparkling water. The resulting brew contains 4.5 percent alcohol by volume, a number on par with most other mass-produced brewskis. A one-liter bottle of Blondie concentrate yields about three liters of beer.

As of right now, the Beer Bar is only available in SodaStream Germany's online store and through retailers in Switzerland, but other markets are expected to launch the product in late 2016 and 2017.

Images courtesy of SodaStream.