'Classic' Record Cabinet Doubles as a Whiskey Bar


Dropping the needle on a good record and pouring a glass of whiskey sounds like a recipe for the perfect night at home. The makers of the EGB2 console had the same thought: Their gorgeous, mid-century record player (spotted over at The Verge) comes with a whiskey bar built right in.

LUNO specializes in making sleek, classic record units that recall the golden age of vinyl. Parts of their EGB2 model, like the walnut paneling, radiate a Mad Men-era vibe, while other features are unmistakably modern. The piece includes space for up to 150 records, but the console is also compatible with Apple's AirPlay, so once you've exhausted your record library you can stream digital music from your tablet or phone over the two-way speaker system.
The pull-out minibar features gold-rimmed whiskey glasses, and the built-in liquor cabinet includes space for four bottles of booze or wine. All of LUNO's product's are custom-made, so you can call or email them to order a record-playing whiskey bar of your own.

[h/t The Verge]

All images courtesy of LUNO.