A Brilliantly Simple Strategy for Folding Fitted Sheets

Anna Green

Trying to fold a fitted sheet doesn’t have to result in a fit of frustration. While many of us end up balling up the notoriously unwieldy linens and tossing them into our closet, neatly folding a fitted sheet is actually pretty simple if you know how to do it.

In a recent video, an editor at Real Simple revealed her brilliantly easy method for folding a fitted sheet. As you might imagine, it all comes down to finding a way to work around the sheet’s tricky elastic edges. Real Simple recommends draping the sheet over your hands and folding it into itself, instead of trying to wrangle its elastic edges into an even fold. Watching the step-by-step video explanation is like seeing a magic trick explained: The once-impossible now seems ridiculously simple. Check out the video above to see the sheet-folding magic for yourself.

[h/t Real Simple]

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