Join the Internet in Bursting a Balloon Over Live Video


The collective power of the internet is a mighty force. It's been channeled into everything from citizen science projects to ridiculous boat-naming campaigns. Now web users are teaming up in pursuit of a much simpler goal: popping a balloon in real-time.

Puff Up Club is an experimental art installation that anyone can interact with online, It's Nice That reports. Visitors to will find a stream of a balloon being blown up inside a wooden box. You can expedite its inflation by clicking the "Puff" button on the bottom of the page—the more people who click it, the faster the balloon grows, until it eventually reaches the razor on the opposite wall and bursts on live video.

The project is the brainchild of the Amsterdam-based interactive design studio Moniker. According to It's Nice That, their aim was "to create an online installation that could bring people together as a group in order to change something in the real world." Blowing up a balloon may seem like a humble objective, but it's already succeeded in bringing people together. It took over 12,000 people to burst the last balloon ("Level 7") that appeared on the site. Participants have until June 17 to contribute their clicks, and each balloon will become more difficult to pop than the one that came before it. If that requires more patience than you have to give, you can watch a timelapse of the first balloon burst above.

[h/t It's Nice That]

Banner image credit: Screenshot // Puff Up Club.