VR Game Lets You Channel Your Cat's Destructive Behavior

Michele Debczak

Cats sometimes have an annoying tendency to destroy everything you own. If you've had to scold your pet for ripping up the furniture on multiple occasions, perhaps it would help to see things from their perspective. This virtual reality game allows you to do just that, The Verge reports.

In Catlateral Damage, you play as a locked-up house cat with the singular goal of knocking as many of your owner's possessions to the floor as possible. The original version of the game was created in 2013, and now a VR upgrade is being released for the HTC Vive headset.

Players who already own the game can download the VR update from Steam for free. If you're looking to buy it for the first time, it's also available at the full price of $9.99. For a sneak peek of the mischievous gameplay, you can check out the trailer above (sadly, the cat ear headset attachments are not included).

[h/t The Verge]

All images courtesy of YouTube.