Artist Makes Plush Toys That Are Unconventionally Adorable

Michele Debczak

Most people might struggle to see the cuteness in creatures like squids, beetles, and sea slugs. Not Vancouver-based artist Hiné Mizushima. Her hand-crafted felt plush animals, spotted by Colossal, are adorable enough to make even the most squeamish among us squee for joy.

Born and raised in Japan, Mizushima spent time living in Tokyo, Rome, Paris, and New York City before eventually settling down in Vancouver. Her unique felt sculptures—which are modeled after everything from sea animals like nautiluses to insects like cicadas—have garnered international attention. She's been featured in galleries in the U.S. and Japan and her art has appeared in several music videos for artists like They Might Be Giants. In addition to making fuzzy plush dolls, Mizushima also specializes in miniature collages and stop-motion animation.

You can head over to her Etsy page to see more of her work and purchase prints featuring her cuddly creations.

[h/t Colossal]

All images courtesy of Instagram.