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A Kid Destroyed This $15,000 LEGO Brick Sculpture

Jake Rossen
Mr. Zhao via Weibo
Mr. Zhao via Weibo / Mr. Zhao via Weibo

One of the most impressive sculptures on display at a recent LEGO exhibition in Ningbo, China, was a human-sized LEGO brick rendering of Nick, the crafty fox from the Disney film Zootopia. The brick artist, known as Mr. Zhao, spent 72 hours and roughly $15,000 crafting the piece, proudly documenting the various stages via his Weibo social media account.

Mr. Zhao via Weibo

After being on display for less than an hour, a five-year-old child pushed it over.

Standing amid the scattered pieces, a despondent Mr. Zhao apparently refused any offer for financial compensation from the child’s parents, believing it was accidental.

This is not the first time a young person's appetite for destruction has caused havoc in the art world. In 2015, a young boy in Suffolk knocked over a 221-year-old jug, reducing it to 65 fractured pieces that museum curators had to painstakingly reassemble. In Taipei, a 12-year-old tripped and tried to brace his fall by putting a hand through a 17th century Paolo Porpora painting valued at $1.5 million.

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