Adult-Sized Stroller Lets Parents Strap In for a Test Ride

Michele Debczak

Parents can spend hours researching the perfect strollers for their baby, but there's only one way to know for sure if it's a comfortable ride: test it out firsthand. With most strollers this isn't exactly practical, but now one baby gear brand is offering a super-sized version of their product big enough for mom and dad to take a ride in, Lost at E Minor reports. 

Kolcraft's 7-foot 6-inch high stroller is a blown-up replica of their baby-sized Contours Bliss line. Big enough to fit a full-grown adult, the comical model is designed to give parents an idea of how a ride in the stroller might feel for their child. Even if the two experiences aren't perfectly comparable, we can't imagine any parent would turn down the opportunity to get pushed around for a day. 

If you're interested in testing out the mega stroller yourself, it will be making its next appearance at Chicago's Mary Bartelme Park on June 7. And don't worry if you can't be there to see it live: You can watch reactions from the grown-up passengers in the video above. 

[h/t Lost at E Minor]

All photos courtesy of Facebook