Now You Can 3D Print Your Own Pancakes

PancakeBot, Amazon
PancakeBot, Amazon / PancakeBot, Amazon

Now anyone can turn their kitchen into an edible art studio. Eater reports that the long-awaited PancakeBot, which made waves on Kickstarter last year, has finally hit the market. The high-tech pancake griddle lets you design and 3D print your own pancakes, producing any kind of delicious pancake art you can imagine.

The PancakeBot website provides pancake artists with plenty of pre-made designs, ranging from simple animal illustrations to complex, photorealistic images of celebrities and movie characters. Users can also create their own designs and upload them to the website for anyone to borrow. Once a user selects a design, the PancakeBot begins printing it directly onto the hot griddle, cooking the pancake as it prints. The 3D printer is so sophisticated, it can even shade and tone its illustrations, which allows it to print from photographic references in addition to drawings.

However, as Eater notes, the PancakeBot is not without its drawbacks: According to Amazon reviewers, the machine is a bit finicky, and gets easily clogged up by lumpy batter. Plus, the PancakeBot costs a whopping $299.98, which seems like a lot to pay for a device that cooks pancakes. Nevertheless, the PancakeBot is an exciting symbol of how far 3D printing technology has come in recent years, moving from labs to our homes, and even our kitchens. Check it out in action below.

[h/t Eater]