A Small Michigan Town is the Self-Proclaimed "Magic Capital of the World"


Colon, Michigan, might just be the most magical place in the United States. The tiny 1200-person town has just two gas stations, one pizza parlor, and a single pharmacy. But it’s also home to three magic shops (which sit about three blocks apart), and a magical legacy dating back eight decades.

In the short video “Magic Town, USA,” Great Big Story explores the self-proclaimed “Magic Capital of the World.” Going behind the scenes with the town’s three magic shop owners, John Sterlini of Sterlini Magic Manufacturing Company, Rick Fisher of Fab Magic, and Greg Bordner of Abbott Magic, the video explores the town’s unique magical identity.

Home to an annual magic convention that attracts hundreds of magicians from around the world, regular summer magic performances, and of course, a population of magic enthusiasts, Colon seems to have earned its title. As Rick Fisher notes in the video above, magic is a way of life for the people of Colon: “It’s my passion, it’s my hobby, it’s my vocation, it’s everything to me," he says.

Banner image credit: Great Big Story, YouTube