The San Diego Zoo Just Welcomed a Rare Lemur Baby

Shaunacy Ferro
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo / San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo’s lemur population just got a tiny bit bigger. A lemur named Morticia gave birth to the zoo’s first red ruffed lemur baby in 13 years last month at the zoo’s Primate Propagation Center, according to Mashable.

Red ruffed lemurs, found in Madagascar, are one of the world’s most endangered primates, and the zoo’s breeding center has been bolstering the species for decades. More than 100 of the rare lemurs have been born there since 1965.

Look at those eyes!

The zoo describes Morticia as a great mom, although she is willing to give up her baby for some delicious snacks. “Morticia is willing to let keepers borrow her infant in exchange for some of her favorite fruits, but she is eager to get him back,” primate keeper Kristen Watkins writes of the process of taking the new baby away to be weighed and examined. He’s currently at 6.6 ounces, or less than half a pound.

The little guy—the zoo hasn’t announced his name yet—will make his public debut in summer 2017, when the zoo opens up its new Africa Rocks exhibits.

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All images courtesy the San Diego Zoo