Lithuania Crowns Its Fastest Toddler

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

The fastest toddler in Lithuania is really curious about keys, Reuters reports. Lithuania’s annual fastest toddler competition was held yesterday, pitting 25 crawling youngsters against each other on a plush red-carpeted track.

A 10-month-old named Kamilis Dambrauskas darted across the finish line after just 11 seconds, spurred on by the sight of his mother jangling her keys. Other parents flashed stuffed animals, bottles, balloons, and other tempting items to convince their toddlers to hustle forward. However, as babies are wont to do, some of the kids got distracted and sat down in the middle of the course, declining to cross the finish line.

The Baby Race, held in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, is part of the yearly celebrations for International Children's Day. Head to Reuters for the adorable photographic proof.