One Miami Man Has Run Eight Miles a Day for 41 Years

Shaunacy Ferro

For the past 41 years, Robert “Raven” Kraft has run eight miles a day along the beach in Miami, Florida. Every. Single. Day.

It’s not a terribly fast run, as you’ll notice in the video, but it’s an impressive feat of endurance that he’s been committed to since 1975. He welcomes strangers to join him on his daily trek, and more than 3000 people have, including, at one point, Muhammad Ali.

Streak running, as this kind of single-minded dedication to working out is called, is a phenomenon in itself. The United States Running Streak Association keeps a regularly updated tally of people who run every day for years on end. Kraft’s streak is one of the longest on record—eighth in the nation—and he insists on running much farther than the one-mile minimum for streakers. (The longest streak belongs to a Californian writer who’s been at it for more than 47 years.) These obsessive runners persist through illness, childbirth, hurricanes, subzero temperatures, and more, putting those of us who struggle to even keep our New Year's Resolutions through January to shame. 

[h/t The Economist]

All images courtesy The Economist via Facebook