Nivea Built a Waterslide That Applies Sunscreen as You Ride It

Michele Debczak

Applying sunscreen can save your life, but it also cuts into valuable time that could be spent having fun in the sun. Skin care product brand Nivea recently built a waterslide that streamlines the process, Adweek reports; when kids rode down their SunSlide, they were sprayed with a mist of SPF 50+ waterproof sunblock.

The slide was inflated on the most popular beach in South Africa, a country where roughly 20,000 cases of skin cancer are reported each year [PDF]. It held close to 13 gallons of sunscreen which was sprayed at riders from hundreds of jets as they slid past. Each kid was given goggles before their trip, so the sunscreen didn't get anywhere it wasn't supposed to. Over the course of an hour, more than 100 children were covered.

Nivea is known for launching innovative ad campaigns for their sunscreen. Last year, they created a doll designed to get a sunburn without SPF protection. This newest stunt is a little less educational, but it sure does look like a blast. Check out the summer fun in the video above.

[h/t Adweek]

All images courtesy of Vimeo.