This Bath Plug Comes With a Floating Pug

Rebecca OConnell
Paladone / Paladone
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As most parents know, it's sometimes hard to get a child excited to take a bath. One of the easiest ways to get a kid into the tub is with a variety of toys, games, and novelty bath products. Take, for example, the Bath Pug. It works just like a normal drain stopper, except that the pull chain has a floating pug at the end of it. When the bath is full, the pug and its inner-tube float languidly in the tub until it's time to get out. Then the user just needs to pull the pug and the water can drain out.

The rubber pug is detachable, and the plug fits most bath sizes. While geared toward children, it's easy to fall in love with this toy regardless of age. Paladone is currently selling these little guys in packs of 12, but if you only want one, you can try your luck on Amazon