Boozy Ice Cream Lets Adults Have Wine For Dessert

Andrew LaSane

A family-owned business in Maryland has made an already delicious dessert even better. Using just the right amount of science, the Crossroads Company manufactures a wine-flavored ice cream that packs the same alcoholic punch as an actual glass of wine.

The creation is called Winecream, and according to the company's website, it contains approximately 10 percent alcohol by volume, which is twice the alcohol content of other wine ice cream brands. At festivals and other local events, Winecream is made to order, with customers choosing ingredients and watching as their ice cream is mixed and flash frozen using liquid nitrogen.

According to Thrillist, the company has been selling Winecream since 2014, but thanks to a recent expansion, the grown-up indulgence will soon reach a wider customer base. Customers in Maryland and D.C. will soon be able to pick up pints at select stores, while others can purchase the ice cream online in flavors like Mixed Berry and Chocolate-Covered Strawberry.

[h/t Thrillist]

Images via Winecream on Facebook