A Swarm of Bees Showed Up to Mourn Muhammad Ali

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After the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali died on Friday at the age of 74, plenty of Americans went into mourning. The most unexpected of the crowds paying tribute to him showed up outside the Muhammad Ali Center in the athlete’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Approximately 15,000 bees arrived on Sunday, the same day that Ali’s body was returned to the city.  

As local CBS television affiliate WLKY reports, the bees took up residence in a tree right next to the center’s “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” mural, which depicts one of the boxer’s most famous quotes (uttered in an interview before his 1974 fight with George Foreman). 

A beekeeper was duly called, and the large population of bees were removed. The beekeeper, Kevin McKinney, took the bees home to use them for honey production, according to WLKY. Hopefully, they won’t show up at the boxer’s public memorial on Friday.

[h/t The Telegraph]