Display Your Instagram Photos in an Online VR Art Gallery


You may already think that the photos on your Instagram are works of art, but now thanks to a new app, they really can be. According to Digital Trends, a new web application from Sketchfab called Instamuseum takes the most recent photos from your feed and displays them inside of an interactive gallery with virtual reality capabilities.

Users are placed in the center of the gallery space, where they can move closer to the hanging art or spin around to see the rest of the room. There are two viewer modes, Orbit or First Person, and a VR option for use with a capable smartphone and VR headset. To use the app, just create an account, authorize the web app to use your photos, and your personal gallery is all set. Any public Instagram account can be viewed through the Instamuseum interface, though creating a digital shrine to someone else's photos may send the wrong message.

Check out the gallery we created for the @mental_floss Instagram account above, and while you're at it, make sure you're following us for daily quick facts. We promise to never create digital galleries in your honor without at least asking first.

[h/t Digital Trends]