Target Releases Exclusive Funko Suicide Squad Figures

Funko / Funko

Comic book movie fans still have to wait until August before David Ayer's Suicide Squad hits the big screen, but that doesn't mean they can't start showing their fandom now by collecting any and everything related to the film. Having already dropped a collection of vinyl figures inspired by the characters, toy giant Funko recently announced that a new partnership will see dedicated Funko sections in the aisles of Target stores, and collectors will now find two new (and very limited) DC Comics-related figures for the Joker and Batman.

The Joker [Boxer] edition is made in actor Jared Leto's likeness, with the tattoos, gold chains, green hair, and purple outfit that his character is seen wearing in trailers for the new film. The Batman figure is not of the traditional masked vigilante, but is instead a character that only comic book readers will recognize: Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

According to the DC Comics Wiki, Zur-En-Arrh is "both a location and a concept" in the DC Universe. The toy appears to match the reference to the former, which in the books is a fictional planet where a scientist became his people's version of the Dark Knight, opting for a red, purple, yellow, and black costume instead of the classic all-black look.

Funko says that the figures are "ultra rare" and "extremely limited," so good luck finding them at your local Target. The new, Funko-devoted aisles will also include a range of other products, including candy, T-shirts, and other vinyl figures, so if you get there too late, there are other goodies to be had.

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Images courtesy of Funko.