Cocktail Glassware Comes With Attractive (and Helpful) Diagrams

Rebecca OConnell
UncommonGoods / UncommonGoods
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Former attorney Alyson Thomas creates beautiful glassware with informative diagrams for making whatever drink the glass is meant to hold. The charming and helpful illustrations are a perfect blend of art and information, reminiscent of Pop Chart Labs

Since 2010, Thomas has been researching food, beer, and cocktails to create accurate depictions of proper drinks. Her glassware is designed for a whole variety of different adult beverages, from hot toddies to margaritas. All of the diagrams are completely hand-drawn and original. One part scientific, and two parts whimsical, the designs are a helpful guideline to tell the drinker how much champagne or tonic they should be pouring. Some even let mixers skip the jigger when measuring out drinks and worry about one less thing to wash later. You can check out her collection on UncommonGoods