Atari Is Now Licensing Out Smart Home Gadgets

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Despite their gluttonous over-saturation of the video game market in the early 1980s, Atari has taken on a kind of retro-cool brand image. For gamers, an old Atari 2600 might as well be a Julius Erving jersey.

Owing to that brand recognition, the company has kept busy licensing its name and logo out to third-party hardware and software developers. Their latest attempt to monetize nostalgia? Partnering with communications company Sigfox to create a line of “smart” home devices.

Atari has yet to release any concrete details, but plans apparently include tracking equipment for kids and pets, panic buttons, and an alert that lets family know when you’ve run out of gas.

In a press release, Sigfox and Atari indicated that internet connectivity won’t be needed and that long-life batteries will ensure the devices will remain functional. If you’d rather keep your fond memories of the company low-tech, the Atari Vault offers more than 100 classic video game titles available for download.

[h/t Endgadget]