Introducing a Suitcase Designed to Glide Up Stairs with Ease


Rolling suitcases work great on the street, but staircases are a different story. That’s why two savvy travelers, Naisha Joseph and Richard Braddock, created TraxPack—a smart suitcase that, according to Mashable, makes it easier to go up and down steps. The duo launched a Kickstarter today to fund their project, and the luggage is currently available for pre-order online, starting at $198.

The TraxPack looks like your standard-size carry-on suitcase, but one of its sides has a self-adjusting track system. As you drag the packed suitcase along the stairs’ edges, the suitcase’s weight creates friction, allowing your bag to glide up and down with ease. To make the pulling process a little easier, the TraxPack also has an adjustable, rotating handle.

Since we live in the smart gadget age, the TraxPax contains other bells and whistles, like a built-in luggage scale, USB ports, and a baggage positioning system. To see it in action, watch the video above—and if you want to contribute toward the Kickstarter campaign, keep in mind that it ends on July 29.

[h/t Mashable]