10 Quirky Bird Feeders

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This summer, invite some feathered friends to your garden. Here are some interesting and fun-looking bird feeders to entice your avian visitors.


This trendy birdhouse is perfect for birds and homeowners with an eye for architecture. The sleek white building has rectangular windows that show the birdseed inside. There’s a little tray at the bottom on which birds can perch and enjoy a snack. Designed by Teddy Luong, the contemporary-looking feeder is great for a minimalist backyard.

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2. FOOD TRUCK; $20

Who says the food truck craze has to be limited to humans? This tiny plastic feeder hangs in your tree and offers “cheep eats” to the birds in your yard. The seeds are poured into the truck, and a small silver tray on the side allows birds to perch on the feeder and grab a quick bite to eat.

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3. TIRE SWING; $11

Have a tire swing in your backyard? Get this fun matching ceramic feeder and never swing alone again.

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Inspired by the classic office watercooler, this feeder acts as a watering hole for birds in your neighborhood. The design slowly provides a pool of water in which birds can drink (or bathe).

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5. TARDIS; $41

Further evidence that there is TARDIS-inspired everything: a bird feeder in the shape of the iconic time traveling phone booth. Fans of Doctor Who will love seeing birds hanging around the feeder and possibly going on some timey-wimey adventures.

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Birds don’t get mail, but they can stop by this mailbox for a snack. The feeder is apparently popular amongst blue tits and finches; the seller suggests filling it with peanuts.

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7. HAPPY CLAM; $76

Any bird that visits this quirky feeder will be happy as a clam. Artist Jenn Lamb took her inspiration from her time by the ocean when creating this stoneware shell. The feeder offers a bowl for food and a top cover for shelter when it rains. It can also be repurposed as a planter.

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Let your cats spy on birds without letting them actually enjoy them as a snack. A special screen makes it so cats can see the birds, but the birds can only see their own reflection. The feeder comes with suction cups so it can be attached to most windows.

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Birds with nautical aspirations will love hanging around this lighthouse-shaped feeder. The mesh body lets birds pull out seed, but it also keeps away squirrels. It can fit about a pound and a half of birdseed at a time. There is an LED light in the top of the feeder that can be switched on at night.

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10. RETRO DINER ; $85

This nostalgic birdfeeder is meant to mimic the style of diners from the ‘50s and ‘60s. While birds won’t be able to order pancakes, they can get some birdseed that fills the base of the structure. It comes with a dramatic orange roof to complete the look.

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these are squirrel feeders, but hey, even sneaky mammals need to eat—and hopefully they’ll be so distracted by these novelty feeders that they’ll leave the bird food alone. Best of all, they’re shaped like horse and unicorn heads, so when the squirrel climbs up to grab some food, it looks like it’s wearing a mask. The vinyl feeder comes with a hole to hang it with, but you have to get the string on your own.

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