These Comical Waste Bins Make Tossing Trash Nearly Impossible

KesselsKramer / KesselsKramer

Even when there are plenty of waste bins nearby, litter still manages to find its way to the ground. This is the case at Koning Willem I College in the Netherlands, where some students have a bad habit of tossing trash wherever they please. To encourage better disposal habits, Amsterdam-based communications agency KesselsKramer is relying on a bit of reverse psychology.

A series of comically hard-to-use trash cans have been stationed around campus as part of their "Yet Another Rubbish Campaign," It's Nice That reports. The campaign's tagline reads, "Throwing away your trash, how hard can it be?" and the challenging bins are a tongue-in-cheek way to put that question into perspective. One trash can has a heavy dumbbell where the handle should be, while another sits at the top of a high ladder. A cage and a basketball hoop are a couple additional obstacles preventing students from what would normally be a simple act of throwing away trash.

The campaign also features posters and short videos—an example of which you can see above. Students and faculty are encouraged to submit videos of their own battles with the bins, and the best entry will receive a prize. If you don't attend Koning Willem 1 College you can check out photos of the ridiculous trash cans below.

[h/t It's Nice That]All images courtesy of KesselsKramer.