An Animated Guide to the Psychology of Self-Esteem

Shaunacy Ferro

Sometimes self-esteem defies logic. Whether or not you feel comfortable in your own abilities has nothing to do with how others perceive you or how many accolades you rack up. The video above, created by animator Jesse Collett and philosopher Alain de Botton for the London-based School of Life, explores the outsized role your peers and family play in your sense of well-being, from the affection you received as a kid to how successful you are in relation to your parents.

No video can buoy your self-esteem permanently, but that doesn't mean these creators don't have some advice, both serious and tongue-in-cheek. “Feeling good about ourselves isn’t ultimately something we can bring about through professional and economic achievements alone,” they caution. Also: “After school, throw all invitations to reunions straight in the trash."

All images via Vimeo.