New Pop Chart Lab Poster Cat-egorizes Your Favorite Felines

Kirstin Fawcett
Pop Chart Lab
Pop Chart Lab / Pop Chart Lab

Calling all ailurophiles: The data visualization whizzes over at Pop Chart Lab have created a new poster, "Cats Categorized," that pays homage to felines. The artwork depicts a range of purebred cat breeds, and organizes them according to coat length, body size, and geographic origin. From Maine Coons and Manxes to Sphinxes and Scottish Folds, each kitty is rendered in impeccable detail down to the last whisker. 

"Cats, Categorized" costs $29, and is available for pre-order online. Purchases will begin shipping on Wednesday, June 15. Want to get an up-close view of the cats? Take a look at the full print below, and click for a larger image.