San Francisco's Apple Store Has $1 Million Staircases

Shaunacy Ferro

When Apple opened the doors of its shiny new flagship store in San Francisco in 2016, the new digs were heralded as a “glimpse into the future” by some, a “fancy crypt” by others. But, as to be expected from one of the most valuable companies in the world, what’s undeniable is that it was pricey.

Patently Apple has a breakdown, based on permits filed, of the exact amounts that Apple spent on its multi-million-dollar new store design. Set aside the 40-foot-tall sliding glass doors, and let’s get down to the simple nuts and bolts.

How much does one of those transparent staircases cost? A cool $1 million. Which, as Patently Apple calculates, comes down to about $33,333 per stair. Just one guard rail costs $50,000.

Such is the price of luxury. You can check out the rest of the price sheet here, if you're truly interested in what it's like to be one of the biggest companies in the world.

[h/t Archinect]

All photos by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.