Instagrammer Creates Junk Food Art That Swaps Logos With Calorie Counts

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If Andy Warhol teamed up with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to create irreverent, pop art-inspired Nutrition Facts labels, the images would probably look something like the pictures below. As reported by Mashable, Instagram account Calorie Brands swaps food brand logos with big, bold numbers that detail exactly how many calories each item contains. Each image is also accompanied by a caption that's meant to serve as a funny (and slightly depressing) reminder that many of the foods we indulge in on a regular basis are just plain bad for us.

"Taste the rainbow, jog for 30 minutes to burn the rainbow," reads the text below a photo of Original "230 Cal," while a photo of "515 Cal" McDonalds fries is described with "Lovin' it for 5 minutes and hatin' it for 3 months."

Check out a few examples below and visit Calorie Brands' Instagram account for more.

[h/t Mashable]