Tech Company Demos a Phone That Bends Around Your Wrist

Michele Debczak

Our smart devices can do a lot of things, but bending over backwards isn't one of them. However, that may not be the case for much longer. As engadget reports, the computer and tablet company Lenovo recently treated audiences to a sneak peek of their flexible screen technology at their keynote this week in San Francisco.

To demonstrate the devices, screenwriter and social media personality Meghan McCarthy was planted in the crowd. Upon taking out what appeared to be an ordinary smartphone, she drew applause from audience members after curling it around her wrist like a bracelet. McCarthy also showed off a flexible tablet screen by bending it in half and pretending to use it as a phone.

While impressive, Lenovo's devices are just concepts for now, with no plans for functioning versions to hit the market any time soon. They're one of a few companies currently working on turning phones into high-tech slap bracelets. Flexible electronics startup Polyera and UK-based FlexEnable have both developed prototypes of similar products.

[h/t engadget]

All images: YouTube.