This Mystery Science Theater 3000 LEGO Set Could Soon Be Yours

LEGO Ideas
LEGO Ideas / LEGO Ideas

If you love to celebrate the gleeful incompetence of bad movies, you’ve probably come across Mystery Science Theater 3000: the cult series featured one human (Joel Hodgson or Mike Nelson) and two robots (Tom Servo and Crow) offering a running commentary on whatever low-budget B-movie the show’s producers could afford the rights to air.

That homemade spirit lives on. In May, a LEGO community member uploaded a proposal for a LEGO set featuring the cast on the orbiting Satellite of Love and a 3D mock-up of the tunnel leading to the screening room.

LEGO Ideas

While officially an amateur project, the MST3K set is on its way to becoming a reality. LEGO Ideas is a program designed to push fan playset ideas through corporate red tape: Once an idea hits 10,000 supporters, it’s forwarded to a committee of LEGO designers and marketing representatives who evaluate it for possible mass production.  

Joel, Mike, and the ‘bots already have over 2500 supporters, with well over a year to attract the remainder. The LEGO review board has approved sets based on The Big Bang Theory, the firehouse from Ghostbusters, and Doctor Who. Sadly though, they declined to move forward on a set based on The Golden Girls.