A Spanish Town’s Giant Inflatable Poop Sculpture Has Been Stolen


Somewhere in Spain, a public art thief is in major doo-doo. In response to careless dog owners, the Spanish town of Torrelodones erected a 9-foot-tall inflatable turd in a public plaza last month. The statue was part of a local campaign to encourage people to pick up after their pets, but some overzealous pooper-scooper went too far, making off with the giant inflatable poop when it was deflated and in its case, according to Atlas Obscura.

And it likely wasn't just for cheap thrills. The excrement balloon was worth more than $2,700, according to El País reports.

The town’s Twitter account, noting with good humor that the #nomascacas (“no more poop”) campaign was all about ridding Torrrelodones of feces, called it “an absolute success.”

[h/t Atlas Obscura]

Header image courtesy Ayto Torrelodones via Twitter.