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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Deborah Pergolotti/Frog Safe, Inc.
Deborah Pergolotti/Frog Safe, Inc. / Deborah Pergolotti/Frog Safe, Inc.


A woman in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, ran over a frog with her lawnmower. The frog survived, but suffered a gash on its back. A family member contacted Cairns Frog Hospital to arrange for care, and that started a bureaucratic process to get the frog on a flight to Cairns. By car, the distance is over a thousand kilometers. A flight was arranged and an animal handler was found, and the small amphibian was taken to hospital president Deborah Pergolotti.

Ms Pergolotti said it was clear that the animal was already in distress. "The person who found the frog had accidently ran over it with their lawn mower, which means the frog was out during the daylight hours in the middle of the day, indicating that it was unwell," she said. And Ms Pergolotti said by the time the frog arrived in Cairns, its condition continued to deteriorate with the wound getting infected. "He had a lot of different, alternate treatments to make sure that we would minimise any possible bacterial involvement, and get rid of the bacteria that was already there," she said.

For a sick frog that had been hit with a lawnmower, the little guy is doing well. His wound and infection are healing, and he is expected to be returned to Mount Isa next week.


A nightclub owner in Szubin, Poland, was practicing driving a tank in a field outside his club on Saturday, to prepare for a planned event Saturday night. Club Mono was live-streaming the practice session on Facebook. The driver tore up the field for about twelve minutes, then miscalculated his speed and drove the tank into the building. There were no injuries, and the Saturday night event has been postponed for a week so repairs can be made to the club entrance.


Alison Carrick of Haslingden, Lancashire, England, hadn’t ridden a bike in years, but got back in the saddle last month. She took a leisurely ride on May 29th and was surprised to be overtaken by riders in the Rossendale Triathlon! But she kept going. She decided to ride along with the racers, but did not know what kind of race it was, or how far they were going.

Spectators noticed the 55-year-old novice rider with distinctly different gear and started cheering her on. They even encouraged Carrick to continue when she saw the opportunity to stop. Other times, she couldn’t stop because of all the bikes racing past her. Carrick ended up staying the course for most of the race. Race organizer Graeme Courtney said he doesn’t know how she managed to do it, but he is encouraging her to enter the race officially next year.


Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has received a discrimination complain, alleging that one of her chief deputies, Ellen Granahan, is being paid 17 to 37 percent less than lawyers with similar titles in the administration. The kicker is that Granahan is Jane’s twin sister.

Granahan has worked in the Attorney General’s office since 2008. When Kane took office in 2013, her sister was promoted three months later. Kane had recused herself from the promotion decision, which was carried out by her deputies. An Ethics Commission report in 2014 said there was no evidence of nepotism in the promotion. Granahan received a 20% raise with her promotion. Both Kane and Granahan declined to respond to the press over the discrimination complaint.


On June 1, locksmith Paul Charette’s work van disappeared when a sinkhole opened up in Rideau Street in Ottawa. Charente was not in the van at the time. Officials at the city’s emergency services agency have decided that it will remain there "for future generations to discover," as it fell too deep to recover, and the edges of the sinkhole are too unstable to bring in heavy equipment. The hole will be paved over, and the weight of the pavement is expected to crush the van. Charente’s van was full of locksmith tools and equipment. He has returned to work with a rented van and a few spare tools.