Watch Wingsuit-Wearing Daredevils Fly Over an Active Volcano in Chile


File this video under "stunts that are best left to the professionals." In the clip above from the GoPro YouTube channel, a group of thrill-seekers in wingsuits take on the challenge of flying over an active volcano in Chile.

Recorded with GoPro helmets and chest-mounted cameras, the clip shows stuntwoman Roberta Mancino jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet to achieve what the video caption describes as "a long-held dream." While Mancino has experience as a a base jumper, she trained for years to pull off the wingsuiting stunt. The video provides a first-person look at what she and the other jumpers saw as they glided through the volcano's smoke and looked down at the glowing liquid below.

It wasn't always a smooth journey. Photographer Carlos Pedro Briceño was also along for the ride. And while he described the jump as being "among the top 5" jumps of his life on Instagram, he also added that the team could feel turbulence, smell the sulphur, and feel the heat while flying over the volcano. Experience it from afar through the video above. (And please don't try to recreate the dangerous stunt.)

[h/t Gizmodo]