Google Chrome's Hidden Dinosaur Game Lets You Play Offline

Andrew LaSane
Google Chrome (screenshot)
Google Chrome (screenshot) / Google Chrome (screenshot)

Losing your internet connection doesn't have to lead to boredom. Google Chrome users can stay entertained with a hidden dinosaur game that can be played offline, Popular Mechanics reports.

When your computer fails to connect to the internet while using Google Chrome, the browser displays a message that informs you of the problem and offers suggestions on how to fix it. Above that message, you'll notice a small dinosaur. Tap on the dino or press the spacebar to activate the game.

Playing is simple: Use the spacebar or the up directional key to make the dinosaur jump, and if you fail to clear the prickly hurdles, the game is over. According to The Code Post, the landscape of obstacles is generated by JavaScript as you play, so you're not constantly jumping over the same cactus sequence.

The game—originally discovered a couple years ago—is a useful addition to any collection of Google Easter Eggs. And if you're ready to test out your dinosaur jumping skills right now, The Code Post has also made the game available to play while online.

[h/t Popular Mechanics