Monique may be the most well-traveled chicken in the world. The hen is currently sailing the world with her owner, 24-year-old adventurer Guirec Soudée. In 2014, they completed a transatlantic journey, and then moved on to the Arctic Ocean in 2015. They’re currently hanging out in Greenland.

Monique never gets seasick, knows how to swim, looks great in a sweater, and is “crazy about flying fish,” according to the pair’s web updates. While she has almost fallen overboard more than once, she always manages to right herself. She enjoys sharing Soudée’s meals (and pays him back with plenty of eggs), surfing, and posing for plenty of pictures with her BFF.

Guirec is currently writing a series of children’s books about the pair's adorable travels together. Fingers crossed that one day they'll also make a 365-day Monique and Guirec calendar.

[h/t The Telegraph]