A Hole New Take! Introducing Sushi Doughnuts

Alvin Ward

Sushi is more versatile than you think. The ingredients (rice, seaweed, avocado, fish, etc) can be reassembled into a number of shapes, including cakes and burgers—and even doughnuts. Vegan-focused Instagram user Sobeautifullyraw recently gave sushi the pastry treatment, shaping the warm rice delicacies into rings.

Once molded, the rice circles (sans fish) are decorated with black sesame, cucumber, wasabi, ginger, avocado, and cashew mayo. Take a look at the tasty creations below.

And this isn't the first time sushi and doughnuts have been fused together. The inverse to sobeautifullyraw's sushi doughnut? A sushi roll made out of Dunkin Donuts.

Primary image courtesy of Instagram.