Augmented Reality Allows Anyone to Master a Rubik's Cube

Michele Debczak

If you gave up on learning to solve a Rubik's Cube a long time ago, now may be the time to give it another shot. A student at Charles University in Prague has created an augmented reality program designed to guide users to Rubik's Cube mastery in 20 steps or less, Discover reports.

The mistr kostky, or "master cubes," system was created by Martin Španěl as part of his undergraduate thesis. As a camera records the cube from the solver's perspective, the software anticipates solutions for the puzzle and superimposes the upcoming step onto the blocks. Arrows show the user which direction to twist in next. Once a move has been made, the program comes up with a new set of calculations from there.

People have been thinking of shortcuts for the Rubik's Cube since the game's invention. This one has the added advantage of making you feel like a cyborg while you solve it. Check out the program at work in the video above.

[h/t Discover]

All images: Martin Španěl via YouTube.