Montana Surfers Prove You Don’t Need an Ocean to Shred Waves

Shaunacy Ferro

Strong Water has all the hallmarks of an eye-catching surfing film, with a twist. There’s no ocean, because it’s set in Montana. 

When Missoula, Montana began to clean up its polluted river in 2006, it created an urban beach of sorts. Soon after, the surfers showed up. Filmmaker Jordan Halland takes a look into the Montana surfing community in this short documentary. Make sure to stick around for the last few minutes, when you finally get a look at how these surfers catch waves in a turbulent river (it looks like it takes incredible arm strength). The only thing the film is missing is footage of what happens when you wipe out in a body of water where the waves don't naturally take you back toward shore. 

All images courtesy of Vimeo.