Infographic Ranks the World's Most Poetic Cities

Kirstin Fawcett
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Get ready to indulge your literary wanderlust: Just in time for summer vacation, the literary social network My Poetic Side has created an infographic listing the world’s 10 most poetic cities.

Since the term “poetic” can be pretty subjective, Adweek explains that the cities were ranked based on hard data, like how many bards lived, died, or went to school there, which ones have hosted the most famous poetry readings, and where the most works of poetry have been published. (Not surprisingly, the top three cities are London, New York, and Paris.)

If you want to learn more about each place's bookish history, you can go to My Poetic Side’s site, scroll down, and check out their nifty data interactive. Simply click on an urban area, select a writer, and read about the years they spent writing, lecturing, living, and loving in the big city. And as soon as you're done, start plotting your next trip abroad.

The most poetic cities
The most poetic cities /

[h/t Adweek]